Mark Johnston was born in Stockton on Tees in 1974. He studied at Newcastle College of Art 1991, Cumbria College 1992-93 and at Brighton University [BA] from 1993-96. Mark continues to live and paint in Brighton. His paintings are collected throughout Europe and America.
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The paintings are stimulated by nature, landscapes primitive power, energy and all its connotations of darkness and light. The importance of an improvised and intuitive process opens painting up to a spiritual and uniquely mysterious quality outside of time.

Mark Johnston


2017 Solo Show – Wimbledon Fine Art, London.
Catalogue introduction by Sam Lock.
2016 Recent Paintings, catalogue introduction by Sue Hubbard.
Wimbledon Fine Art, London.
2014 Waters Edge, catalogue introduction by Mark Johnston.
Hardback haiku by Ringai. Wimbledon Fine Art, London.
2013 New Paintings, Beaux Arts Bath.
2013 Recent Work, Wimbledon Fine Art, London.
2012 Shifting Elements, Introduction by Andrew Cherniavsky.
Ingo Fincke Gallery, London.
2011 Handwriting, DVD by Art Official, Gallerina, Darlington.
Hallowed Waters, poem by Tomas Transtromer. Ingo Fincke Gallery,
2010 Sacred Place, text by Mark Johnston, poem by Joe Ball.
Fairfax Gallery, London.
2009 Ebb & Flow, catalogue text by Julian Freeman. Fairfax Gallery,
2008 New paintings, Beaux Arts, Bath.
2007 Sea Paintings, catalogue text by Mark Johnston.
Ingo Fincke Gallery, London.
Scattered Light / Fragments*, catalogue / hardback* text by
Julian Freeman, Mark Johnston and poem by Tomas
Transtromer. Fairfax Gallery, London.
2006 Surface, HQ Gallery, Lewes, East Sussex.
Concealed and Revealed, catalogue text by Julian Freeman.
Ingo Fincke Gallery, London.
New Paintings, Catalogue text by Vivienne Edkins.
Fairfax Gallery. London.
2005 Finding Traces, catalogue text by Andrew Tidmarsh.
Ingo Fincke Gallery, London.
Recent works, Gallerina, Darlington.
New Paintings, Beaux Arts, Bath.
2004 Selected paintings, catalogue text by Norbert Lynton.
Fairfax Gallery, Tunbridge Wells.
New Aspects of Drawing, catalogue text by
Andrew Cherniavsky. Ingo Fincke Gallery.
2003 New paintings, Beaux Arts, Bath.
2002 Selected Paintings, Fairfax Gallery, Tunbridge Wells.
2001 Elemental Landscapes, catalogue text by Mark Johnston and
poem by Federico Garcia Lorca. CCA Galleries, Farnham.
2000 Recent paintings, Maltby Gallery, Winchester.
New Paintings, CCA Galleries, London.
1999 Abstract Landscapes, The White Gallery, Brighton


2016 Work on Paper , Gallerina, Darlington.
2016 Night Tide, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh.
2015 Recent Paintings, Gallerina, Darlington.
2014 Undercurrents, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh.
2014 AAF, New York.
2012 Postcards From A Small Island, Beaux Arts Bath.
2011 AAF, Singapore.
2011 AAF, New York.
2010 Autumn Show, Beaux Arts Bath.
2009 Summer Show, St. Anne’s Galleries, Lewes, East Sussex.
2008 Summer Show, Glyndebourne, East Sussex.
2007 Recent Paintings, Gallerina, Darlington.
Winter Show, HQ Galley, Lewes, East Sussex.
2006 Recent Paintings, Gallerina, Darlington.
Summer Show, Beaux Arts, Bath
2005 Christmas Show, Fairfax Gallery, London.
Recent Paintings, Gallerina, Darlington.
2004 Landscape Paintings, Quod Gallery, Brighton.
Summer Show, Glyndebourne, East Sussex.
2003 Sussex Artists, LCA, Lewes, East Sussex.
Summer Show, Quod Gallery, Brighton.
2002 3 Landscape Painters, Gallery One, London.
Summer Show, Glyndebourne, East Sussex.
2001 British Landscapes, Maltby Gallery, Winchester.
Landscape Show, Belgrave Gallery, St.Ives, Cornwall.
2000 South Downs Landscapes, Hove Museum, Hove.
Summer Show, Belgrave Gallery, St.Ives, Cornwall.
1999 Landscape Show, The House of Commons, London.